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The technological industry has been home to many technological firms who not only create and invent smartphones or smart laptops or smart applications, they also make life easier for people who are not technologically smart.

In this world, which is being ruled by technology and technological things everyone is expected to be smart, just like their smartphones. However, there are some people who are not technologically smart and find it difficult to survive in this world which is being taken over by technology. For the convenience of such people, BYM Development LLC has been created.

BYM Development LLC consists of passionate people who are determined to improve their client’s life through their phase of disruptive products. BYM Development is known to build great products, one of which is Open Source Solution in which they specialize. This Open Source solutions includes Magento, WordPress and Joomla ETC. Open Source is basically a computer program which provides a source code to the public for use or any modifications from its original design. Many businesses and institutions like Apache Software Foundation supports open source solutions and have an open source framework behind big data Apache Hadoop.

With this as our specialty, we satisfy clients like Gray Line, Citysights City Experts ERG Distributors, BobTronics, Gobuses and many more. We design our product in such a way that it optimizes the performance of small to medium size institutions and firms. For our customers, we not only specialize in open source solutions but also provide a design for UX and maintenance for them.

Our expertise also include security and PCI Compliance which is the Payment Card Industry Security Standards. Compliance with PCI is essential for all businesses, big or small or medium, and merchants who are recipients of credit cards both online or offline which then keeps the institution’s customer’s payment information secure. The compliance requirements depend on the size of your institution. This compliance is necessary for a good business because when a customer’s information is kept secure, they eventually build an element of trust in that organization. If your institution does not know how to do this, they can contact BYM Developments to be their guide.

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